A list of terms used on the blog. Let me know if I need to add one!

Backend – a similar concept to backoffice, the part of the system that customers don’t see, but whose impact is often felt indirectly

Call to Action (CTA) – typically a button such as “Get Started” or “Sign Up Now”, a CTA is how users take the primary action you’ve established on the webpage or e-mail message

Customer Experience (CX, also CE) – the overall experience customers have with your company, including your website, customer service, products, marketing – basically, every touch point

Customer Service Representative (CSR) – one of the major human touch points in most organizations; they rarely get contacted by happy customers

Information Architecture (IA) – how information is organized and accessed

Interaction Design – designing interactive (often web) products with emphasis on meeting the wants and needs of the end user/customer

MECE – “mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive”, a principle of survey design that provided answer choices should not overlap and should cover the entire range of possible responses

Usability – how easy and intuitive it is to use a product, often a website or software

User Experience (UX) – the overall experience users have with a product, including everything from functionality to verbiage to visual appeal

User interface (UI) – in contrast to the backend, this is the customer-facing product

User Testing – observing actual people use a product; for websites, this can be in-person or remote, big budget or guerrilla, napkin sketches or live UIs

Voice of the Customer (VOC) – qualitative customer feedback and suggestions

Voice of the Employee (VOE) – qualitative employee feedback, both their experience with the company and feedback they receive from customers


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