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Weighing in on CX fails

I’ve had many ideas for blog posts over the past few months, but haven’t had much energy or coherent thought to spare after starting my new job in July. The learning curve is steep, but I’m loving it. What finally … Continue reading

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You get what you pay for

We know it’s true, right? You get what you pay for. But finding a “deal” or cutting corners here and there can be fun, practical, or even necessary. Sometimes, though, not having learned that lesson leaves you (read: me) feeling … Continue reading

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Angie’s List spam

Sending abandoned cart e-mails is par for the course. I just got one from Pottery Barn about a dining set I’d put in my cart, but decided not to buy after seeing it in the store. Those e-mails are a … Continue reading

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JC Penney CX flop

JCPenney’s CEO Ron Johnson was recently ousted after 17 months on the job. He had tried to overhaul the struggling retailer’s CX by simplifying pricing, replacing cashiers with roving check-out staff, introducing designer and upscale products, and changing the name … Continue reading

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Simple innovations that haven’t made the rounds

How often do you see a clever innovation and think, “Brilliant! Why didn’t someone figure that out sooner?!”? Today, I’m going to talk about some clever innovations that someone has thought of, but that – for reasons unknown to me – … Continue reading

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Let them eat stale bread!

Yesterday, I participated in a half-day session called “Hack B-school”. It was facilitated by Stern professors and administrators and was intended to produce revolutionary thinking about business education. One of the exercises was to list cliches about business education and … Continue reading

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Nicely handled, SGov

It’s no secret that I love my MBA program at Stern. Last week, the student government (SGov*) gave me one more reason – and its handling of the situation illustrates some CX principles relevant to this blog. The scenario: There … Continue reading

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