You get what you pay for

We know it’s true, right? You get what you pay for. But finding a “deal” or cutting corners here and there can be fun, practical, or even necessary. Sometimes, though, not having learned that lesson leaves you (read: me) feeling like an idiot.

With my recent move to Chicago, I’m starting from scratch with everything from dishes and silverware to electronics and furniture. (My parents and I drove here from NYC after I finished my MBA, so I sold anything that wasn’t going to fit in the rented minivan.) Even though I have a great job lined up, splurging goes against my grain, especially when there’s so much to buy.

I did decide to buy a new couch because I wasn’t impressed with the ones I saw on Craigslist and also because I wanted a very specific type of sectional to work with the layout of my new place. I felt like I was splurging by spending $1,300 on the thing, but ended up learning (the hard way, for the umpteenth time) that you get what you pay for.

Check out my Yelp review of The Room Place to read about my experience.

After scouring Craigslist and checking out a few used options, I fell in love with a bed at Crate&Barrell. It’s back-ordered, so isn’t coming until July, but I’m really hoping it lives up to expectations. Cross your fingers, people! I don’t do well with feeling like an idiot.

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