REI is holding my bag hostage

I’m gearing up for a whirlwind trip to Europe between the end of final exams and the beginning of my summer internship. While visiting my family in Seattle, I stopped by REI’s (duly impressive) flagship store and found a great backpack. (Cobblestone streets + rolling suitcase = big hassle.) I didn’t want to pay to check it on the way back to NYC, so I ordered it online to be shipped to the store near my place. It was in stock there, but I have a tight timeline and didn’t want to risk showing up and it being MIA.

I ordered it on Tuesday and flew back on Wednesday. The scheduled pick-up date is Saturday. REI says I’ll get an e-mail when it’s ready to be picked up. Of course, I’d rather to have it now. If it’s in stock, why can’t the store set it aside for immediate pick-up? I’ve already paid, so it would be a quick, painless transaction and I’d be a happy customer.

This was a missed opportunity on REI’s part. I could be excitedly packing my cool, new bag for the trip. Instead, I feel like REI is holding it hostage and I’m feeling less and less positive about the company – it’s flagship store wasn’t that special.

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