CX fail: Aeromexico … really?

I spent 9 glorious days in Puerto Morelos, a sleepy beach town between Cancun and Playa del Carmen. I knew the return to the States would be tough, but thought the abrupt shift from swimsuits and flipflops to business suits and winter gear would be the worst of it. Not so.

After two delayed flights on Aeromexico, I finally arrived in NYC at 11:20pm. I made it through immigration without incident and waited for my bag to appear. I waited and waited. No sign of it. I talked with a baggage handler and he said some of the bags hadn’t made it because the plane was at maximum weight. He told me to exit customs and wait outside the baggage claim with the others whose bags were lost. We were all tired, cold, and ready to be home.

There was no one attending the lost baggage counter, but the baggage handler himself finally showed up to process our claims. By hand. One customer at a time. Using carbon paper. (I can’t remember the last time I saw someone make a true carbon copy!) I was the very last person to be processed and left the airport 12:40am.

I was told to call a specific person the next day between 9am and 6pm. Apparently, only that one guy has access to the baggage tracking. I called that morning and, after several tries, managed to get a hold of him. He told me that my bag had arrived at JFK (good!) and that it would be delivered “sometime in the next 7 to 8 hours” by UPS.

I stayed close to home all day, skipping the gym, cancelling appointments, and shifting lunch plans with a friend to a restaurant across the street from my place. No word. Tried calling the number I’d been given, no answer. Finally, at 10pm, exasperated and worried I’d never see my belongings again, I called the airline’s 1-800 number and the representative (who also had no access to baggage tracking) told me delivery might take up to 48 hours via a “courier service” (what happened to UPS?).

Yet, at 10:30pm, I received a call from someone asking if I had a lost bag. He told me he was waiting outside. I quickly bundled up, left my apartment, and did a double-take as I saw my bag sitting outside a random, beat-up minivan. The delivery guy was courteous, but definitely didn’t jibe with my notion of “courier service”.

The good: I got my bag back. With nothing missing. Within 24 hours.

The bad: Aeromexico … really? Why do you have only one person (doing double duty) at the airport to process claims for lost bags? Why doesn’t he have access to technology to scan our tags and enter our contact info? Why can’t anyone besides that one other guy access baggage tracking? Why didn’t anybody give me a tracking number so I could use the website I kept getting directed to? Why couldn’t you give me a reasonably precise delivery window? Why will I avoid using you again?

Oops – scratch that last one. The answer is clear: CX fail.

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