Too busy for a proper post

There are two weeks left in the semester and am busy wrapping up assignments, putting together presentations, and studying for final exams. Both my schedule and my brain are bursting at the seams, but I wanted to post a few screenshots that have piled up in my PicPick image editor.

Twitter suggestions. I’ve been more active on Twitter lately, maybe because it requires less time and brain power to post there than here. I wanted to find some cool accounts to follow, so I clicked on the clearly-named Who To Follow tab. The results were “interesting”, I suppose, but completely random and useless.

Hmmm ... rating. I had a $5 coupon to and decided to use it because my stomach and cupboards were empty and I didn’t have it in me to brave Trader Joe’s during prime grocery time. What I found odd about this UI was that (1) the stars are red, regardless of a high or low rating, (2) it’s not even obvious that 5=best and 1=worst, (3) it breaks the MECE principle – how could I rate quality or value of ordered items if I didn’t get what I ordered? For the record, the gluten-free pizza I got was pretty bad, but it was what I ordered.

Hmmm ...

¬†LinkedIn jobs. I’m a huge fan of LinkedIn and inserting my name and photo into this jobs ad is brilliant. Not so brilliant: cutting off my last name and selecting a job that’s irrelevant. It caught my attention, but didn’t keep it. To be fair, this is not always the case. I got a similar ‘Picture yourself’ ad recently with an MBA internship in customer experience at Walgreen’s. That, I could picture.

Hmmm ...

Spotify registration. Based on my Facebook friends’ usage, I’m a late adopter of Spotify. Oops. When I got to the registration page, it took me a few seconds to realize there was something unusual there. I guess the fact that it blended right in is a sign that my Spanish hasn’t gotten too rusty. Can you spot it?

Hmmm ...

That’s all for now! Time to prepare for an in-class debate of Calvin Klein v. Warnaco. Who knew brand licensing could generate so much drama?

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