Don’t like the new Gmail?

I’d heard grumbling about the new Gmail interface and decided to check it out. The reason for the grumbling was immediately apparent (yikes – so ugly and hard to read!) and I switched back.

Google noticed and offered me a chance to complete a quick survey. It started with the following: “Gmail’s new look is coming soon to everyone. We appreciate your feedback about why you’ve decided not to switch to it at this time.”

  1. Please share the primary reason you’ve postponed switching. [multiple choice]
  2. If you dislike something about the new look, please tell us what changes, specifically, you want to see. [free response]
  3. What is your feedback mostly about? [multiple choice]

Users generally hate it when you mess with the interface, so complaints are inevitable, even if the new design is brilliant (not saying this one is). Google is smart to request feedback. It helps disgruntled customers feel heard and even Google’s army of talented designers can learn from the masses. Hopefully, they identify some common themes in the  feedback and make improvements before the new UI is no longer optional.

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