XE.com’s user-friendly tool

It’s a treat to stumble across user-friendly design. This currency conversion tool on XE.com is simple, yet rich and intuitive.

The Amount field is nothing fancy, but the From and To fields have:

  1. Smart lookups: You start typing “peso” or “Mex” and a drop-down menu appears with relevant (filtered) options.
  2. Drop-downs: If you prefer full menus, XE provides one that starts with the most popular searches, followed by a comprehensive list of currencies, alphabetically by country.
  3. Easy swapping: You can swap the From and To currencies with a click, and swap them back again just as easily.

When something online is easy to use, it’s easy to forget that intuitive, functional design is not a given. In fact, given how awkward and frustrating many websites are, XE’s currency conversion tool merited a blog post!

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