Poor survey design, Professor

Being a survey aficionado, I’ve been thrilled that three out of my five professors have  solicited mid-semester feedback via student surveys. However, the latest one was poorly designed. It asked two questions, both short answer (the other two surveys had qualitative rankings plus short answer questions, which I think is a better approach):

What things do you like about the course and would like to see more of ? (up to 3)

What things do you not like about the course and would like to see less of? (up to 3)

These questions might seem reasonable at first glance, but they violate a core survey principle, which business school has taught me to call MECE (pronounced “mee-cee”, it stands for mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive). In this survey, where would I write something we haven’t done in class, but that I’d like us to do? What if I think the class is too easy or too difficult? What if I like something, but don’t think we need to be doing more of it?

Although I am annoyed at my professor (from the marketing department, ironically!) for the poor survey design, I managed to include work my feedback into the survey. Also, it did prompt me to post a blog entry, for which I’m grateful. I’ve been too preoccupied to add much to the blog lately.

I’m curious to see what he’ll share with us from the feedback he received … and to see what I got on his midterm exam!

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