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Applying for jobs? Treat recruiters like customers

I’m in the midst of my biggest job hunt since 2003, when I was finishing undergrad. The competition was fierce then because jobs for freshly-minted BAs were scarce. This time around, I’m applying for MBA summer internships in consulting. Hiring … Continue reading

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It’s a treat to stumble across user-friendly design. This currency conversion tool on is simple, yet rich and intuitive. The Amount field is nothing fancy, but the From and To fields have: Smart lookups: You start typing “peso” or … Continue reading

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Hate waiting in line?

In my Operations class, we’re studying queues and customers’ experience of wait times. Our professor says, Satisfaction = Perception – Expectation This means that exceptional CX (high satisfaction) comes from exceeding expectations. The problem, of course, becomes that customers come … Continue reading

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LinkedIn knows its customers

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of LinkedIn – 640 connections and counting – or that I’m on there a lot. Today, though, I noticed something weird: Other people’s status updates were appearing on my profile as mine. … Continue reading

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Poor survey design, Professor

Being a survey aficionado, I’ve been thrilled that three out of my five professors haveĀ  solicited mid-semester feedback via student surveys. However, the latest one was poorly designed. It asked two questions, both short answer (the other two surveys had … Continue reading

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