My new favorite professor

I’m in the thick of midterms in my first semester of business school and, while it’s an intense and stressful time, it’s a chance to be evaluated and learn where I stand (so far, so good!). One professor went above and beyond by doing a comprehensive status check.

Along with our grades on the midterm exam, he gave us feedback on our individual and group work and class participation. He said he does this at the mid-way point, when there’s still time to resolve discrepancies and course-correct. Much appreciated!

What vaulted him to ‘favorite professor’ status is that he solicited our feedback on his performance using a survey that collected VOC data from us, his customers. He then shared his thoughts on our feedback, saying that (1) he would try to curb his tendency to cram too much into each class period and (2) he was glad that many people found the class difficult because our classes should all be difficult – otherwise, what’s the point?

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