Inspiring CX videos

When it comes to providing consistently exceptional CX, some companies have nailed it. Here, a few of them are profiled by Bain & Company as part of its Net Promoter Score Trailblazer video series:

  • Rackspace (Shout out to Austin, my former hometown!)

These companies thrive by making CX the foundation of their business. Other companies struggle because they lose sight of their customers. Domino’s was one of them. It was good at keeping its commitment to 30-minute delivery times and producing affordable pizzas, but the quality of its product suffered.

The incredible thing is that Domino’s acknowledged the problem, solicited customer feedback, and didn’t just listen but really heard what its customers had to say. The company responded in a major way. Check out this video:

Did they nail it? See here:

I’m inspired by companies that nail CX from the outset. Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, admits to not caring about shoes. Zappos may be the place to buy shoes online, but he’s not in the shoe business. He’s in the CX business.

While I admire Zappos and its ilk, I find companies that are floundering on the CX front, acknowledge it, and take corrective measures even more inspirational. It requires humility, determination, overcoming inertia, and inspiring change throughout the company. Domino’s did it.

Do you have examples of other companies that have done the same?

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