Why Stern?

I’m wrapping up an incredible two-week orientation at Stern, NYU’s business school. The experience has confirmed that I’m right where I belong. Part of what tipped the scales in favor of Stern was my visit to the campus back in February. I particularly enjoyed my interaction with the MBA students working in the admissions office. Overall, the campus visit experience was so well orchestrated that I was inspired to write a thank-you letter to the admissions office.

Dear Stern Admissions,

I recently visited Stern and wanted to provide some feedback (positive reinforcement, really) with regard to my experience. First, your Graduate Ambassadors do an incredible job. I received prompt, helpful, enthusiastic replies to e-mails I sent to the mbaga@stern account. At Christine’s suggestion, I arrived in advance of the day’s tour and asked to speak to a Graduate Assistant. To my delight, your receptionist asked me what my academic and professional interests were, so she could introduce me to someone with similar interests. She chose very well!

Amanda sat with me for nearly an hour, sharing her love of Stern and thoroughly answering my questions. That one-on-one time was an unexpected treat and further confirmed my impression that Sternies are warm and inclusive. Amanda and Lola led the tour and were well versed in all things Stern. It worked well to have them stop and speak before moving to the next location; often on tours, the guide keeps right on walking and only the first few people hear what he or she has to say. Following the information session, Lola stayed to speak with me about Stern as well as about her upcoming position at Dell in Austin (where I live).

I also want to thank you for using second-year students as ambassadors. I met first year students when visiting another program and they were unable to speak from experience about electives, summer internships, or the full-time job search.

In short: Bravo, Stern! My visit was excellent and my family and friends wish I would quit raving and get in already – though, that would likely exacerbate the problem.

All the best,
Amanda Wingard-Phillips

My take on the famous logo.

With regard to that final comment, I was only partly right. I would rave about the program, but it’s keeping me so incredibly busy! Stern’s efforts to identify and cater to my needs is continuing now that I’ve started the program. Their focus on providing an exceptional CX continues to impress me and I can see why the alumni and second-year students are so enthusiastic about the program. Count me in.

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