Can anybody hear me?

I tried to get online today and (guess what!) the crazy-making CSR from Clear Wireless had cancelled my internet service. I shouldn’t have been shocked given how badly that call went, but I was because (a) I had requested my service to end on the 31st, the day I move out of my apartment, and (b) I had explicitly told him that I did not authorize the cancellation because I was disputing the cancellation fee.

I spent another 30+ minutes on the phone, getting the service back up. Again, I asked to speak to a supervisor, but this time was told that the call volume was so high that the supervisors were answering calls themselves. Again, I requested a call back and did not receive one.

Hopefully, my life will soon be a "No Clear" zone.

On a related note, it felt like salt in the wound that the marketing pitches while on hold were all about fantastic things I could do online, when I was sitting on the phone because my internet had been shut off by an incompetent boob at the company trying to market to me.

I will never do business with Clear Wireless again and may decide to chuck the principle of the thing and pay the $40 cancellation fee. They’ve already wasted far more than that in terms of my time and cortisol. Maybe that’s what they count on. Not cool, Clear.

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