Awesome unsubscribe by Express

After so many examples of poorly designed unsubscribe processes recently, I was especially happy to see how Express handles it. Check it out:

Bravo, Express - you've proven it's possible to do this well!

Here’s what I love about this UI:

  • It ‘remembered’ my e-mail address.
  • The default is to unsubscribe completely.
  • It subtly offers the option to tell them what I would like to receive.
  • It includes options to adjust the frequency with which I’d like to receive e-mails.

The UI is simple and intuitive, and I would wager fewer people completely unsubscribe (“Well, maybe once a month would be okay …”) from Express e-mails than from the ones I recently called out CX fails. See, the rest of you, it can be done well!

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