Another convoluted unsubscribe process

This is my last week of work,* so I’m unsubscribing from various lists so that whoever is stuck sifting through my redirected e-mails has less to deal with. Here is another unnecessarily convoluted unsubscribe UI:

Which ones have I been receiving?

(Ironically, this is a company that provides VOC software. I suppose VOC and usability might be separate competencies, but I find it disheartening.)

The link from the e-mail read ‘Manage my Subscriptions’ rather than ‘Unsubscribe’, but I’d be surprised if anyone clicks on it hoping to subscribe to anything. As such, it’s odd that users have to check the types of e-mails they want to subscribe to, rather than unsubscribe from.

In reality, the latter would be impossible because none of the boxes was checked by default. That makes no sense because I receive e-mails from Vovici and I arrived at this page via one of them. The button text is also odd. If the user is updating his communication preferences, ‘Accept’ is a strange choice. ‘Save’ or ‘Update’ seem more intuitive.

Finally, maybe this is too nit picky, but what’s with the inconsistency with initial caps? “Exclusive, special offers” and “Workshop & Event invitations”? In my world, when it comes to initial caps, it’s all or none – consistency is king.

* I’m moving to New York City to get an MBA at NYU. I plan to focus my studies on how companies gain competitive advantage via exceptional CX. Thus far, no one is surprised.

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