CX win: Schwab call center

I love Schwab. I can manage my brokerage, retirement, and checking accounts in one place, all ATM fees are rebated at the end of the month, and the customer service is fantastic.

Today, I called to inquire about loan products and the automated CSR asked me to briefly say what I was calling about. I did. He said it sounded like I was calling about X (which I was not) and asked if that was correct. I said “no” and expected to be asked to repeat the reason for my call.

Silly me, I was dealing with Schwab.

I was sent immediately to a live CSR who immediately answered my questions and I was on my way.

CX win: Schwab!

I called a few other banks to compare rates and none had such a smooth system for directing calls. Wells Fargo was particularly awful and, after bumbling around in the system for a while, I got fed up and pressed a number that corresponded to something I didn’t care about, just to get a live CSR on the line. He could understand why I’d called him and eventually transferred me into no man’s land. Fortunately, I’d been wise enough to ask him for the number of the department I needed.

The quality of service also varied widely among the other banks. More than one clearly had a script that the CSRs had to follow, so they came across as forced and frankly obnoxious. “I’m glad you called us about X today. I’d be happy to answer your questions about X. X works like this …” Maybe I like to be coddled less than the average customer, but simply answering my question would’ve been awesome. Instead, I felt like calmly explaining that I’m not, in fact, an idiot and could they please get to the point.

CX fail: the other guys

These guys should take a lesson from Schwab, who racked up a CX win, as usual!

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