Unsubscribe annoyance

I want to unsubscribe from your newsletter, so maybe you don’t care what I think … but please don’t annoy me in the process.

Here is what was at the bottom of the newsletter. Seems straight-forward, right?

Only, the link takes me to this page …

Annoyance #1: Why do I have to type my e-mail address? Don’t annoy me by neglecting to code for the fact that I just came from that e-mail address.

Annoyance #2: Why is updating my record given equal weight? Don’t annoy me by doubting that I want to unsubscribe. No, I do not want to you to send the newsletter to another of my e-mail addresses.

Annoyance #3: After all that, why did you send me an e-mail telling me you won’t send me any more e-mails? Don’t annoy me by e-mailing me again. A simple “unsubscribe successful” message on the page after I click is plenty.

Good riddance, you bums!

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