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Yelp isn’t just for customers

I love Yelp. I’ve used it to decide where to eat out and which dentist to choose from the insanely long (and mostly useless) list of approved providers. I’ve posted over 20 reviews, which actually seems like a paltry contribution … Continue reading

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UX fail: Facebook messages

Facebook is perhaps the most obnoxious company I know of in terms of UI and UX changes. The interface is constantly changing, they introduce bizarre functionality, and the site is so buggy that I wonder if they have any QA … Continue reading

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Unsubscribe annoyance

I want to unsubscribe from your newsletter, so maybe you don’t care what I think … but please don’t annoy me in the process. Here is what was at the bottom of the newsletter. Seems straight-forward, right? Only, the link … Continue reading

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Spammer A/B test

I find it hilarious – and kind of awesome – that this prolific spammer might be conducting an A/B test on subject lines. If only he would use his powers for good and quit clogging my Junk folder …

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Call-to-action position

When designing pages where you want users to take a specific action, the position of the CTA is a crucial element to consider. This article is a bit heavy on jargon, but the screenshots help illustrate the author’s point, which … Continue reading

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Urban Dealighted!

I received quite a few comments in response to my post about whether small businesses risk being Grouponed to death by participating in daily-deal coupons. My sense is it is nowhere near a no-brainer, and that businesses have to carefully … Continue reading

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