’s mea culpa

Back in December, I wrote about’s CX fail. Well, I checked back and the company issued a mea culpa on its blog. It’s a noble gesture, but it begs the question of why the company didn’t anticipate the backlash to its UI changes. Did their product people conduct any user testing? Did they show any mockups to actual meetup organizers (who the company values very much, by the way!) before the redesign?

The list of revisions is considerable, especially for not being comprehensive. I wonder how many users noticed all of the changes the first time around – intentionally and as <ouch> “a bit of an oversight”. If most of them went unnoticed, might have actually made itself look worse by listing out all of these problems that their redesign introduced.

Click to read the full mea culpa.

It doesn’t seem like this fiasco was very well-handled – although, I suppose if your redesign is a fiasco, it’s difficult to seem like you handle anything well. Assuming we can’t rewind and conduct better usability and UX research ahead of time, what could have done better? Do you think the mea culpa helped as much as hoped? How have / would you handle the fallout from a redesign fiasco?

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