Data interpretation

Most companies have a social media strategy. Effectiveness varies considerably, but few question that it is a communication and feedback channel that can be ignored. However, this article claims that it’s not actually such a major channel for feedback or word-of-mouth sharing of positive and negative customer experiences. It didn’t take long for me to realize that their conclusion didn’t jibe with the data. I posted the following comment; we’ll see if they choose to publish it …


Interesting data, but I disagree with your conclusion that “Few Consumers Share Experiences via Social Media”. When framed in the positive, social media is a huge forum for sharing experiences:

  • 2/3 share their positive customer experiences
  • 3/4 share their negative customer experiences
  • On Facebook, 1/5 have shared their customer experiences


  • 1/3 send feedback directly to companies
  • 1/5 send positive feedback directly to companies

These are incredible statistics. People are sharing their experiences like crazy via social media – and directly with companies (that’s even more amazing, in my opinion & experience).

Companies should be clamoring to collect, analyze, and act on this treasure trove of customer feedback. Those who successfully accomplish do so stand to be richly rewarded.


Yet another example of how data can be interpreted any which way. Did you catch something I overlooked?

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