GoDaddy, NoDaddy!

I’ve had bad experiences with GoDaddy’s confusing interface and relentless pushing for upsells, upgrades, bundling, and other attempts to lure money from my pocket to theirs. I always ended up calling their customer service to clarify what I’d bought and how close that was to what I wanted.

When I decided not to renew an old domain and hosting service, I was barraged by e-mails for months, warning me of impending doom (er, expiration). The date finally passed yet I continued to receive e-mails giving me ‘one last chance’ to bring my domain back to life. I ignored those, too.

Only then I received notification that my credit card had been automatically billed for the renewal. Another call to customer service cleared it up, but I couldn’t believe I’d put up with all of those annoying reminders, just to have automatic billing kick in.

That is a rambling preamble to this great eye tracking/click tracking usability study by IntuitionHQ. My claims of UX failure are hereby corroborated. One commenter posited that the interface is deliberately confusing in order to keep users poking around and therefore exposed to more sales pitches. GoDaddy, I say NoDaddy!

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