Exciting day for The CX Rx

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my great experience using SuperShuttle and included a suggestion to enhance the usability of its online reservation system. Today, I received a comment on that post, letting me know that my suggestion had been forwarded to the IT staff and … already incorporated!

I had mentioned that it was not obvious whether the return flight time was the time the flight departed or the time it arrived. Note the clarifications: “Enter the time your flight DEPARTS/ARRIVES”.

It's live!

It’s exciting that my suggestion was noted (SuperShuttle must check for mentions on Twitter) and so quickly incorporated. Rapid iteration is one of the huge upsides of working with web products! I’ve maintained this blog mainly for my own enjoyment, so the fact that people read it is amazing and that a company changed its site based on a post is incredibly exciting.

Thanks for making my day, SuperShuttle! (Also, for demonstrating the power of social media and VOC feedback to improve your product.)

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2 Responses to Exciting day for The CX Rx

  1. Nicely done! Seems like a lot of companies could save some QA and testing time by taking SuperShuttle’s approach and scouring the web for usability feedback.

  2. Sure seems like it! Customers are out there talking whether companies listen or not.

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