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Grouponed to death?

Groupon’s success has attracted a slew of competitors in the local-daily-deal space, most notably LivingSocial, with backing by Deals from Groupon, LivingSocial, and Urban Dealight show up in my inbox daily, offering me deep discounts on everything from auto … Continue reading

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Know it, be it, say it

This article by Monica Skipper, head of brand management at FedEx, covers the essentials of a strong brand. Step 1: Know who you are. What is your company’s reason for being? What is your brand’s promise to customers? This identity … Continue reading

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LinkedIn poll about service industry success

I enjoy browsing the LinkedIn polls, even though (especially because?) some of them are so poorly crafted or on such ridiculous topics. My vote on this one was a no-brainer. The crowd agrees with me. Of the 114 votes, 62% … Continue reading

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Data interpretation

Most companies have a social media strategy. Effectiveness varies considerably, but few question that it is a communication and feedback channel that can be ignored. However, this article claims that it’s not actually such a major channel for feedback or … Continue reading

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GoDaddy, NoDaddy!

I’ve had bad experiences with GoDaddy’s confusing interface and relentless pushing for upsells, upgrades, bundling, and other attempts to lure money from my pocket to theirs. I always ended up calling their customer service to clarify what I’d bought and … Continue reading

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Crossing a computer with a bank

In Alan Cooper’s book about interaction design, The Inmates Are Running the Asylum, he asks, “What do you get when you cross a computer with a bank?” The answer: “A computer!” He then proceeds to describe the ridiculously horrible interaction … Continue reading

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Exciting day for The CX Rx

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my great experience using SuperShuttle and included a suggestion to enhance the usability of its online reservation system. Today, I received a comment on that post, letting me know that my suggestion had … Continue reading

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