B of A survey

When logging out of the Bank of America site, I was asked to complete a survey. (I never say no to surveys!) I found this statement in the instructions rather amusing:

Please note any ideas for products or services provided during this survey will become the property of Bank of America without compensation to you.

Too bad for me!

The questions were fairly standard, except that it asked “How satisfied are you with your overall Bank of America Online experience?” AND “How satisfied are you with Online Banking at Bank of America?” That tripped me up and I went back and forth between the pages trying to figure out the difference. I have only a credit with B of A, so maybe the latter question was about people with checking accounts. I’m still not sure (there was no N/A option, so I gave it a 5 of 10).

The majority of questions were on a 10-point scale, but my rapid progress was impeded by vertical and horizontal layouts for the same type of question.

Pick one layout and stick with it, please.

That was slightly annoying, but this was very annoying:

Never do this.

They asked if I had a problem (with the site, not the survey!), and I said yes. A free form field was offered for me to explain the problem and any suggestions for how to solve it. Here’s what I had to say:

“I received a late fee because my bill was due on Saturday and not processed until Monday. I called and the charge was reversed. The CSR said she’d received other calls about the same issue. Why not make a product fix – either warn people when they schedule a weekend payment, or hold off on posting the late fee until Mondays.”

That suggestion now belongs to B of A.

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