BB&B’s coupon testing

The postman delivers big, blue Bed Bath & Beyond 20% coupons rather frequently. I rarely use them, but have used one after it’s expired without problem. While some companies are sticklers for expiration dates, BB&B doesn’t seem to care. If the goal of the coupons is to get bodies in the store, they’ve served their purpose even if the people don’t show up within the designated time frame. Why not build good faith by letting the customers use the coupon whenever they come in, making them feel special for the “exception” (even if it’s actually the rule)?

Last month, BB&B tried something new:

The sooner you use it the more it’s worth.

The big, blue coupon in my mailbox was for 20% off this week or 10% off through the rest of the month. Interesting. I wonder what kind of response rate they had, what lift they had to immediate and full-month sales, how many people used the 20% and how many the 10% (if any – maybe the 10% simply served to get those bodies in the store). I also wonder if BB&B has stopped honoring expired coupons. That would be too bad for people like me, who don’t go often and like feeling special for exceptions made.

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