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Rare USPS damage

The United States enjoys the most reliable, efficient postal system of anywhere I’ve lived or visited. It’s so reliable and efficient that we easily take it for granted. In my life, I’ve had very, very few items (goods or papers) … Continue reading

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Companies worth promoting

One of the easiest ways* to measure customer loyalty and word-of-mouth – good or bad – is Net Promoter Score (NPS). Customers are asked to rate how likely they would be to recommend a given company on a scale of … Continue reading

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B of A survey

When logging out of the Bank of America site, I was asked to complete a survey. (I never say no to surveys!) I found this statement in the instructions rather amusing: Please note any ideas for products or services provided … Continue reading

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CX win: SuperShuttle

I don’t blog as often about CX gone right as gone wrong – it might be that most companies don’t have their act together when it comes to CX, or it might just be that, as customers, we expect a … Continue reading

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BB&B’s coupon testing

The postman delivers big, blue Bed Bath & Beyond 20% coupons rather frequently. I rarely use them, but have used one after it’s expired without problem. While some companies are sticklers for expiration dates, BB&B doesn’t seem to care. If … Continue reading

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