Beer pricing scandal averted

Football fans shell out big bucks for mediocre beer at games. They gripe about the low quality and high prices, but are largely undeterred by either. That is, until a beer pricing scandal makes the social media rounds. It turns out Qwest Field, home of my hometown team the Seattle Seahawks, was selling 20 oz. and 16 oz. cups of beer for the same price – and fans assumed they were being ripped off.

With a losing record heading into the playoffs, the Seahawks could hardly afford a boycott by their beer swigging fans. The team investigated the allegation and discovered that, in fact, the 16 oz. cup was mislabeled and that both cups held 20 oz. As such, buying the 16 oz. cup had been a steal rather than a 20 oz. cup being a ripoff.

The team made a very smart move and released an apology anyhow and announced that, at today’s game against the New Orleans Saints, fans can buy 20 oz. beers at the 16 oz. price. Bottoms up!

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