Nice gesture, Skype

Disclaimer: I loved Skype from the moment I created an account. While living abroad, being able to have video chats with family and friends was priceless – both figuratively and literally (FREE). I use it less now that I’m back in the States, but it’s currently a priceless connection to my sister and little niece in Singapore.

I also love Skype from a usability perspective – very clean, intuitive interface – and for its commitment to improving CX. Whenever I finish a call, Skype asks me to rate it and, if it was anything short of excellent, what the problems were (great VOC tool, by the way). Those ratings, along with information Skype must collect about origin, destination, duration, and technical aspects of the call, give the company a huge advantage in solving the problems that cause bad experiences. For some people, just being able to tell the company “That sucked!” immediately after the failed call probably helps them feel a bit less frustrated.

Today, I received an e-mail from Skype (in Spanish, thanks to my settings) with heartfelt apology for recent outages. They thanked me for my patience, understanding, and support and also for allowing the Skype team to be part of my life. As a gesture of mea culpa and gratitude for my continued patronage, they gave me a coupon code for $1 in Skype credit. It took me about five seconds to add it to my account.

Nice gesture, Skype. I wish you a happy, healthy, peaceful año nuevo, too.

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