Bad survey, Best Buy

I was cleaning out my inbox and noticed an e-mail request from Best Buy to complete a survey.

“Please take a moment to tell us your thoughts about Black Friday by taking the survey below whether you did or did not shop today. We appreciate your feedback!”

I take surveys for fun (and research), so even though it didn’t influence my decision to participate, I found their request friendly and figured the survey would be quick and easy since I didn’t shop on Black Friday.

It went through typical demographic questions about gender and age range, then I hit this awkward question:


Bad combination of ugly and unclear.

There’s so much not to like about this. The question has to many ors. The combination of multiple-selection boxes and single-selection radio button is awkward. The first and second option encompass the third and fourth, respectively. The repetition is clunky.

I was shaking my head, thinking that Best Buy should be smarter than this about survey design, that is, until I clicked Next on one of the pages and got the following message, provided by e-Rewards, a company I’ve never heard of. (At that point, I literally slapped my forehead.)


Say what?

My reactions:

  1. What study? Was I interested in a study? News to me.
  2. Rude. I don’t qualify to complete the study (survey)?? You asked for my thoughts about Black Friday; how can I be unqualified for that?
  3. What e-Rewards account? This wasn’t mentioned in the e-mail.
  4. If I did know about the e-Rewards account, would I be miffed that you’re only giving me partial credit? I answered all the questions you asked me.

Best Buy, I expected better from you than poorly designed questions, potentially unfamiliar terms like Cyber Monday, and being dumped on a third-party site that seems to have no idea what you’d said in your message, what the survey was about, or that it’s bad CX to ask customers for their thoughts, then tell them they’re unqualified to complete the survey. If a customer says she didn’t shop and so it doesn’t make sense to continue to the “Where?” and “What was your experience there?” questions, a simple thank you message will do.

Thank you.

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