CX fail: No more ‘Maybe’ on

Can removing functionality be a new feature? thinks so. It announced a New Feature on its blog: “No More ‘Maybe’ options for RSVPs“.  The theory is that managing Maybe (in addition to Yes and No RSVPs) was more work for event organizers, and that Maybes hogged waitlists, complicated collecting event fees, and generally encouraged Meetup members to be noncommital.

So why was removing Maybe a CX fail?

Allowing Maybe RVSPs was already optional. Based on feedback from event organizers, added a (real) new feature: For each event, organizers could decide whether or not to allow group members to RSVP Maybe. Some organizers kept it as a way of judging interest or avoid forcing undecided members into choosing Yes or No. Others hated Maybe and opted not to use it for any of their events.

Of the 1,000+ comments on the post, most derided the company for removing functionality and touting it as a new feature. They called for the company to bring Maybe back – keeping it optional, of course, so the power stayed in the hands of the users. They also called for the company to enable organizers to disallow No RSVPs, claiming that those became unwieldy when managing groups with hundreds or thousands of members and that organizers didn’t care who wasn’t coming.

Let’s hope the next New Feature isn’t “No More ‘No’ options for RSVPs”.

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