Five conversion tips

The Conversion Rate Experts put out some great advice about how travel marketers (and anyone, really) can increase their online conversion rate, meaning turn more website visitors into customers. I suggest reading the entire article, but here are the highlights:

1. Collect customer feedback – from the customers themselves and from your customer-facing employees (VOC and VOE)

2. Fry the big fish first – if your website is under-performing, test UX improvements to key pages – save the fuchsia v. magenta test for later

3. Avoid usability wild goose chases – don’t get bogged down in usability issues when the true problem is an underwhelming value proposition

4. Build credibility – product ratings, customer testimonials, media coverage, and endorsements by experts or even celebrities can go along way

5. Have a compelling offer – as mentioned in #3, offer something worth buying and communicate why it’s worth buying

Man, these guys are singing my song.

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