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Nice gesture, Skype

Disclaimer: I loved Skype from the moment I created an account. While living abroad, being able to have video chats with family and friends was priceless – both figuratively and literally (FREE). I use it less now that I’m back … Continue reading

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Nice job, Nelnet

I doubt many other people are thrilled to see a customer survey show up in their e-mail inbox, but I sure am. Today, I took a survey sent by Nelnet, the company that manages my consolidated student loans. Overall, I … Continue reading

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Bad survey, Best Buy

I was cleaning out my inbox and noticed an e-mail request from Best Buy to complete a survey. “Please take a moment to tell us your thoughts about Black Friday by taking the survey below whether you did or did not shop today. … Continue reading

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First impressions at UBS

First impressions count. When it comes to professional services, front-line employees’ attire, demeanor, and overall appearance can imbue customers with a sense of confidence and trust, or undermine their faith in the company to the point of taking their business … Continue reading

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CX fail: No more ‘Maybe’ on

Can removing functionality be a new feature? thinks so. It announced a New Feature on its blog: “No More ‘Maybe’ options for RSVPs“.  The theory is that managing Maybe (in addition to Yes and No RSVPs) was more work … Continue reading

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Usability déjà vu

ONE: Today, I filled out a form to sign up for an online mailing list. When I clicked ‘Submit’, the page refreshed but the form was still there with the personal info I’d entered. Hmmm, I thought, I must have … Continue reading

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Five conversion tips

The Conversion Rate Experts put out some great advice about how travel marketers (and anyone, really) can increase their online conversion rate, meaning turn more website visitors into customers. I suggest reading the entire article, but here are the highlights: … Continue reading

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