CX fail: Sharing on Facebook

Today, I registered for an event online and received the following confirmation / invitation to share on Facebook.

Sure, why not?

I really liked the message and thought, “Sure, why not? Maybe some of my Facebook friends would be interested” (plus, I’m on a committee for the event, so I ought to be promoting it at every opportunity).

Only, when I clicked on the big blue button, I was taken to this permission page:

That's why not.

So, I just want to post my RSVP to the event on my Facebook page. Why does Eventbrite need access to my name, profile picture, gender, networks, user ID, friends list, and everything else I’ve shared with everyone??

The original call to action seemed innocuous, low-commitment. (Customer reaction: “Sure, why not?”) It took me to a landing page that seemed strangely nefarious – an awfully big ‘ask’ for what I wanted to do. (Customer reaction: “That’s why not.”)

The lessons:

  • Bait and switch = bad CX
  • Asking for an unreasonable amount of information to complete a task = bad CX
  • Squandering your users’ goodwill = bad business
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