Feedback is a gift

This was the topic of a recent customer service webinar by Chip Bell, author of Take Their Breath Away (Disclaimer: I haven’t read it yet). His presentation was chock-full of great CX insight.

Key Take-Aways

Customers are always grading you, whether you ask them or not.

You’re competing with everyone who offers a service, not only those whose product is a substitute for yours. If your customers get exceptional service anywhere, it raises their  bar everywhere. (Imagine the opportunity if YOU are the one to offer the exceptional service!)

Customers have expectations, whether you ask them or not. They say:

  • Understand me. Stay up-to-date with my changing needs.
  • Include me. Let me vote and participate. Tell me you need my help.
  • Teach me. Don’t patronize – be subtle, creative, and tailor it to me.
  • Protect me. Reassure me, make me comfortable, cover my bases.
  • Surprise me! It’s the little things that show you care.

Ask yourself to name a company that could raise its prices 50% and you would stay. Be that company. Ask yourself, if you got arrested for not listening, would your customers have evidence to acquit or convict you? Make sure it’s the former.

If you don’t take care of the basics, the bells and whistles don’t matter.

Things that make sense from the inside don’t make sense to your customer. Flip your perspective so you’re seeing your company, your products, your service from their perspective.

Decrease turnover in your customer-service organization by making your CSRs feel included and valued. Change the script. It’s hard to make “Is there anything else I can help you with?” feel like anything but a brush-off. Make that last question open-ended; Chip recommends “What can I help you learn about today?”

So, dear readers, what have you learned today?

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