CX fail: I want to unsubscribe

I clicked on the unsubscribe link from a e-mail. I’d checked out the site, but didn’t find the subsequent e-mails that interesting and the relatively high frequency with which they arrived made the whole thing annoying enough to prompt my unsubscribe.
Here’s where I that link took me:


Thank you, MMF, for pre-filling my e-mail address.

No thank you for …

  • Offering me a chance to read your Extensive Privacy Policy (emphasis mine)
  • Giving me a Privacy Token (a what?)
  • Defaulting to Yes for the newsletter (I’m trying to unsubscribe from it)
  • Including all that text with each Yes/No option (quit trying to sell me)
  • Annoying me into unsubscribing from all of your mailings (your loss!)

I don’t think MMF wants to annoy their customers, yet that’s exactly what they’re doing.

The lesson: If your customers find your e-mails annoying, make it easy for them to unsubscribe. You can ask them what you can do better. You can offer the option to decrease the frequency of the mailings, as an alternative to a full unsubscribe. But, please don’t pitch them, default anything to yes, or otherwise annoy them.

Oh, MMF, you have no idea that my “success” is no longer receiving any communication whatsoever from you, do you? I’m not laughing with you.

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