Mad Libs, mad completion rates?

The completion rates on forms tend to fall each time you add a field. In particular, asking for a phone number can be a completion-rate killer. But what if, instead of worrying so much about what we ask for, we were creative about how we ask for it?

What if, for example, we created Mad Libs-style webforms? The idea is presented on Luke Wroblewski’s blog with screenshots from an A/B test pitting a standard form against a Mad Libs version. In that test, the Mad Libs version won handily.

Mad Libs-style webforms are more casual and more fun. They provide a break from the monotony of filling out forms and the conversational style may give users the impression that their “data” is going to a real person, not a database or spam machine.

My Mad Lib:

  • Person’s name: Amanda
  • Adjective: curious
  • Adjective: idea
  • Noun: experience / success / failure
  • Noun: webform

Hello, my name is _____ and I am _____ what you think of this _____. Have you had any _____ with this type of _____?

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